Book your airport parking in advance to save £££££

As with most things, if you leave it to the last minute or pay on the day, the prices skyrocket! This is certainly the case with airport parking and, in order to ensure that you dont pay over the odds or pay more than you need to, its absolutely vital that you plan ahead and book in advance. Whether youre booking parking at the airport for 3 days, a week, 2 weeks or longer, the same rules apply; that if you want to get the most affordable airport parking possible, you need to ensure you make your booking as far in advance as possible.

Realistically, you want to be booking your airport parking a good 8 weeks ahead of the date youre flying out to get the best deals but if you know youre travelling further ahead, its well worth booking as soon as possible. This not only ensures you get the very best possible price on parking but it also means that, from a practical point of view, its one less thing to worry about nearer the time. Packing to go on holiday can be stressful enough without having the added burden of remembering to book parking in the days running up to you leaving.

Going back to the pricing front and the fact that booking in advance can save you money; it has been reported that you can save up to 60% off the turn up on the day price at most airports when you book in advance. With savings this significant to be made, why leave it until the day you fly to arrange parking when its easy, simple and straightforward to do so online in advance?

Whether youre flying from Glasgow, Gatwick or any other UK airport, dont see yourself charged over the odds to park whilst you travel simply because you either forgot to or didnt have time to book in advance. There are no rewards for paying on the day for airport parking and youll simply end up out of pocket by doing so and, with that in mind, you must always consider arranging your parking as something of a priority when you know that you’re travelling to both save yourself a small fortune and reduce the number logistical nightmares that inevitably happen the day youre set to fly out on holiday.

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