Top Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is beautiful and the cost of living is cheaper than many European nations. Whether tourists are looking for a mountainous hiking escape or a buzzing city nightlife, Portugal has many unique opportunities for all ages. The main airports are LIS and OPO, and FAO in the south.

Visitors of Lisbon and Porto are the two most popular cities for travelers visiting Portugal. The best beaches are in the Algarve. The climate is warmer in this region, with the larger cities of Albufiera, Lagos and Faro. Due to Portugal being such a small country, most areas are accessible by a bus ride. Riding the bus will help avoid Portugals infamous toll roads and high petrol costs.

The places to visit in Portugal largely depends on taste, family, and activity level. Youths will benefit from the network of hostels. Adults might like traveling to Port to try their famous port wines. Keep in mind that Azores and Madeira are also part of Portugal, and they offer an exotic getaway opportunity if travelers are into resorts. The entire country has fairs and festivals that are common draws: Campo Maoir Flower Festival theand International Festival of Music in the island of Santa Maria. Feasts of Nossa Senhora da Agonia offers an authentic Portugal experience, with the residents donating items to the sea Gods to enhance a better fishing catch in a traditional ceremony. The Optimus Live concert festival has international acts like Coldplay touring.

Guarda Real, Vin Rouge and Mercado de Santa Clara are a few recommended restaurants located in Lisbon. These diners are high-class affairs, but dont be prepared to tip extravagantly. It is common etiquette in Portugal to just round up to the nearest Euro, even in the classiest of climes. For a more casual and ethnic experience in Lisbon, try Treinta y Tres, Flores or Belvidere.

Being with a tour can ease some of the limited challenges in traveling as a visitor to a foreign country. Families will enjoy a scenic bike ride in Alentejo. More experienced riders can take a more advanced bike tour throughout Lisboa, located in central Portugal. Academically speaking, a historical tour of the entire Portugal. Lisboa has a few of the recommended 21 Wonders of the World, and visitors are encouraged to visit on their 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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