Bucket List Challenge!

Create Unique Memories That’ll Last Forever!

Holidays are a great opportunity to break out of the same, everyday routine and do something you’ve never done before.

Drawing up a bucket list can be harder than you think, but not too worry, we have a few recommendations that you should consider for your list!

Tandem Skydiving

Sure, you could spend your time at the spa or enjoying a drink at the bar, but have you ever considered jumping out of a plane and freefalling 10,000 feet?

Tandem skydiving is a great way to satisfy your thrill-seeking needs and it’s easier than you think given you’ll be strapped to an experienced instructor. Skydiving isn’t as dangerous as many believe it to be either, in fact, it’s actually safer than crossing a road in the middle of London!


Who doesn’t want to have an overview and outlook of their current future? Clairvoyance dives into your spiritual side and into another realm entirely to explore the journey you’re on.

With the use of tarot cards, a clairvoyant is capable of using their sixth-sense to understand decisions and choices that can affect a wealth of things such as relationships and your career. You might be surprised with just how accurate it may be.


With the help of your team, navigate through different degrees of rough water. It can be an extremely adventurous time by riding the rapids with friends or family members.

Rafting is a unique experience that can create thrilling and enjoyable memories for all those involved. It gives you a sense of adventure whilst also giving you time to bond with those close to you. Surround yourself with beautiful scenery and wildlife as you navigate through its rivers.


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