Book a Stay-cation in a Motorhome

Going on holiday can be a stressful time before you even leave for the rush to airport, realise youve forgotten something vital, take the journey back to get it and then you dont even use it whilst youre away. Alternatively, you dont pack that vital ingredient to holiday happiness and spend the rest of the holiday either a) sulking about it, or b) forking out, well a fortune to recover the loss.

So what is the solution? Take everything with you? Now Im not suggesting this for a holiday to Dubai, but say you are staying within the UK for your holiday, or traveling to Europe, one of the greatest ways to make sure you pack everything and still have space for yourselves, is to go on holidayin a motorhome.

Forget about the stereotypes of it being for old people, or for people with young families, its not. The popularity for motorhomes is soaring, and if you even come across motorhomes for sale, then you need to jump at the chance because in a few years time, the prices are going to rise due to popularity for this unique holidaying experience.

Not only can you take all of your possessions with you near enough, you can stock up food wise, activity wise and pretty much take your holiday to whatever destination you prefer. There a more and more motor home and caravan sites popping up again over the UK after the popularity of staying in the UK for a holiday break has increased dramatically since the start of the recession and also die to factors such as the Queens Jubilee, accommodation options for the Olympics etc.

So next time you forget that vital thing you didnt pack, remember to check all the compartments, chances are you still have one from the last awesome motorhome trip you took.