Plan your dream Mediterranean holiday

The Mediterranean has always been a popular tourist location – with its natural scenery, history of culture, friendly people and great cuisine, it is a natural magnet to tourists the world over. Here are some enjoyable Mediterranean vacations

Island of Sicily

The amazing citrus groves, breath-taking architecture and Mount Etna staring down at you make Sicily the perfect spot for biking, hiking and driving tours. Godfather aficionados will know that the mafia was born here; they operated a protection and extortion business for the orange and lemon groves in Palermo. You can learn everything about their cuisine, enjoy Mount Etna and even take part in a Godfather tour in the streets of Forza D’Argo and Savoca. Wine tours after dark are very popular, especially around the pistachio and hazelnut trees. There are many hotels and villas available to stay in. Discover the unspoilt mountains, villages and coves nearby. Explore activities like kayaking, cycling, swimming and horse riding.


The gorgeous coast of Malta offers great visibility, nice and warm waters, many professional dive shops and lots of wreckage – everything you want in a dive spot. You can even head to the island of Gozo nearby. Blue Hole, a natural rock formation 26 metres deep, is very popular – it was carved by the water and the wind. You could also partake in beginners diving courses. More advanced people will indulge themselves and be a part of wreckage dives and night dives.


Corsica is the Mediterranean’s favourite active holiday location. Biking or hiking in the granite mountains, kayaking or windsurfing on the beaches in Calvi or even something as extravagant as chartering a yacht to look around in the coastline and in Bonifacio, the marine nature reserve, are very common events which take place here. You can also go quad biking, abseiling, jet skiing and bungee jumping. There is no greater view from a golf tee than in Golf de Sperone. The villas here are large properties, where you can climb and go trekking. Many child-friendly beaches are close for families to go to.

Party in Ibiza

Ibiza always was, and still is, the world’s number one party vacation. The nightlife in Ibiza is generally amazing in the clubs Pacha and Amnesia. The Privilege is the world’s largest club. You could also go for something more downmarket like the San Antonio, which is close to the famous Café del Mar. You don’t just hear party music in Ibiza anymore, with modern guitar bands like Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand hitting up the island frequently. You can also visit world class resorts like the Santa Eulalia for a more mature experience than the younger crowd in most other clubs. The diversity on display here is simply amazing. The nightlife here is simply stunning. Try and book a packaged deal for all the hotels, clubs and travel.


These were some of the best the Mediterranean has to offer. You could go to any of these places freely of you are an EU national.

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